I.S.S. 2024


1h 35m


Quality: HD


In the science fiction thriller I.S.S. scientists and astronauts from the United States and Russia collaborate to finish research on biology technology and general astronomy while stationed at the International Space Station. There are just six characters in this cramped 95-minute story. First we meet Kira and Christian two Americans who are heading to the I.S.S. to meet with three more Russian scientists and their other American counterpart, Gordon. The actors who portrayed the Russian roles were Pilou Asbaek, Costa Ronin, and Masha Machkova.The first thing this movie did right was set the scene at the beginning by introducing each character and their background. One thing I was nervous about was that there would be very little character development or backstory and that we would just jump right in. Afdah is a website that gives users the chance to stream movies and tv series for free.