Bob Marley: One Love 2024


1h 47m


Quality: HD

The legendary musician Bob Marley is portrayed in the film “Bob Marley: One Love” which is set in late 1970s politically unstable Jamaica. Intense political rivalry between the Jamaica Labour Party and the People’s National Party defined the years 1976–1978 in Jamaica. The conservative JLP led by Edward Seaga was against the revolutionary social reforms being carried out by the socialist PNP which was led by Prime Minister Michael Manley. This ideological conflict materialised as violent altercations with associated gangs fueling the disturbances particularly in the run-up to the 1976 elections. In this context Bob Marley became a unifying character. Through his music he addressed political unrest and social injustices and he came to represent peace. Afdah info provides you with access to a vast library of online dramas, TV shows, and films.