Five Blind Dates 2024


1h 23m


Quality: HD


Lia the proud owner of a charming tea shop embarked on this venture using the inheritance left by her beloved grandmother affectionately known as Popo. With the intention of paying tribute to Popo and sustaining herself while residing in Townsville Sydney Lia opened her shop. The bond between Lia and Popo was strengthened through their shared love for tea ceremonies. However Lia’s aspirations have not materialized as expected. The number of customers visiting her shop is disappointingly low and those who do come are primarily interested in boba tea which has had a detrimental impact on Lia’s career. Determined to find a solution Lia convinces her gay best friend and business partner Mason to accompany her back to their hometown for her younger sister’s engagement celebration. Afdah movies offer a wide variety of genres, including action, comedy, thriller and horror.