Loki Journey Into Mystery S1 E5 2021

Loki comes with its next episode where we see the Loki is teleported to another world where when he opens his eyes he meets another Loki’s. Every Loki is teleported by the TVA to this world where the cloud monster kills them one by one. On another side, Sylvie interrogates Ravonna and tries to know about the TVA but she also didn’t know anything and tries to know about the TVA. Ravonna takes charges and tries to arrest Sylvie but she also transports himself to the void where the other Loki’s available. In the void, she again meets with Loki and Mobius and finds a way to get out from there. Watch more free Hollywood movies on movieninja streaming site.

TV Status: Ongoing

Duration: 48 min min


TMDb: 9.3