Loki The Nexus Event S1 E4 2021

Loki is a famous web series of Hollywood where the fourth episode is released recently. In this episode, we see that Loki and Sylvie are successful to escape from the planet that was nearby his end. But the problem is here is they arrested by the TVA team. He tries to tell the truth of the TVA but they never listen to it and throw him in another timeline loop where he meets with Lady Sif. Loki is beaten again and again by Lady Sif because of the timeline looping and Sylvie is in jail where she eliminated after some time. Mobius is curious about what Loki says, so he gets him back from time looping and asks some questions. So he trusts the Loki or not is the thrill of the episode. Watch more free Hollywood movies on movies ninja streaming site.

TV Status: Ongoing

Duration: 48 min min


TMDb: 9.5