Loki The Variant S1 E2 2021

Loki is in the custody of the TVA team who has the responsibility to maintain the Timeline. They make eyes on every space timeline and maintaining with the help of their creator’s rules and regulations. Loki is surprised when he saw all of this because this is beyond his knowledge. He tries his magic to escape from there but he is not successful in it. When he is in front of the TVA’s judge he warns that he is so dangerous and also a God of the Mischief. But they knowing everything about him and take him lightly. But someone who takes his side and tries that he released from there. He is successful in his motive and Loki is released from there for some time. But the guy interrogates Loki in his own way he wants to know about his nature and thinking.Watch more free Hollywood movies on movies ninja streaming site.

TV Status: Ongoing

Duration: 53 min min


TMDb: 9.1