Cherry 2021


2h 22min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6

Directed by Anthony and Joe Russo Cherry 2021 is a latest crime drama film. Cherry was dumped by Emily after she went to Montreal. To deal with heartbreak he enlists his name in the army. He was about to leave for the training then Emily came back and confesses that she loves him. They got married before he left for the training. They used to be classmates and it was love at first sight. During Cherry was in the army, Cherry was suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder. He got anxiety and panic attacks after his friend Jimenez was killed from an IED. He was prescribed OxyContin by the doctors. He became abusive and Emily was frustrated. She did not have any idea to deal with the situation. In order to support him, she also started taking OxyContin and soon they both became addicted to heroin. Users can also stream latest releases on movie ninja free movies without ads online.