Gaia 2021



96 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.8

Gaia is the latest released drama and Horror based Hollywood movie. The movie starts in a forest where a woman whose name is Gabi, who gives duty as a Forest Ranger in the forest. She keeps her eyes on the activity of the forest with the help of a Drone. One day when she doing his job she finds a lost Drone. When she gets out of his boat to take that Drone she goes into danger. Here in the forest, she is not only the one who is available, here two men and an unnatural thing that scared everyone. Two men who are living in the forest are worshiping that thing as a God. They believe that thing has the power of re-creation of anything. That thing is now chasing Gabi for something that’s the thrill of the movie. Watch more free Hollywood movies on movies ninja streaming site.