Rogue Hostage 2021


87 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.1

Rogue Hostage is the latest Hollywood movie that is directed by Jon Keeyes. The actors in the movie are Tyrese Gibson, Christopher Backus, John Malkovich. The movie is basically focused on Kyle Snowden who is working as a Child Protective Services, before this service he was work in the Army. But he leaves the Army because he has many bad flashbacks of wartime that making up his nightmares. He is a single father who lives with his father along with his daughter. One day when they are in a Departmental store a group of terrorists attacks them. They make hostage everyone and tells his demand to the govt. Are they full fill their wishes or not is the thrill of the movie? Watch more free Hollywood movies on movieninja 2021 streaming site.