Mulan 2020



115 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.6

Watch Now Mulan 2020 movie with no charges fee and no registration. There is a girl who lived in the imperial city of Chinese thousands of years ago. Her name is Mulan. Mulan was the daughter of a great warrior, his leg has been an injury on a fight. She always ready to took responsibility to take care of her family. One day a man arrived with bad news is that the northern invaders the Huns attacked the Chinese. The Emperor ordered to take one man from each family and joined in the imperial army, but in Mulan’s family only her dad is only one man but he was old and not able to fight. At late night Mulan decides to fight on her father’s position and cut his hair & change his look according to man. After reaching the imperial army center, she facing lots of wrong words. But she fights back and takes the whole command of the army. She fights and saves them all. Watch and download more movies at movieninja in HD without facing any kind of interruptions.