One Night in Bangkok 2020


105 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.5

Complete hd streaming of latest movie One Night in Bangkok 2020. The action-packed film “One Night in Bangkok” tells about a contract killer named Kai. Thanks to his cold-bloodedness and talent for killing, the main character became an indispensable employee in eliminating people who crossed the path of his employers as crime bosses. They don’t joke with people like him, since this is fraught with serious consequences. But the bandits who killed his relatives played a dangerous game. To punish the villains, he arrives in Bangkok and hires a female driver who is unaware that her passenger is a professional hitman. After several stops, she realizes who her client is, but it’s too late to refuse – the mechanism of the bloody vendetta has been launched and everything will be decided one night! Movieninja is an ever-changing catalog of movies.