LEGO DC Shazam Magic Monsters 2020



81 min


Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.2

Hollywood Full Movie LEGO DC Shazam Magic Monsters 2020 just In Single Click. In this movie, 10-year-old Billy Batson shouts a single word and, sparkling with lightning, turns into a Shazam! Now he is a full-fledged adult superhero. It does not take long for the Justice League to pay attention and invite Billy to join the team. But to become a member of the club, Billy must reveal his true identity. Struggling with the evil Mr. Mind and Black Adam, Billy learns that he must trust others – and that nothing creates trust like helping those in need. Now he is rushing around the city and looking for criminals, he wants to cleanse the world from evil, but he does it as politely as possible. Moviesninja provides recent movies to watch for free and in high definition.