The Christmas Chronicles 2 2020



112 min


Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.4

Stream The Christmas Chronicles 2 2020 movie with no charges and with no membership. Kate Pierce and her brother Teddy have already saved Christmas in the previous chapter. Almost two years have passed since then and many things have radically changed. In fact, Kate has become a cynical teenager, who seems to no longer feel emotions for anything or anyone, including Christmas traditions. This time Kate with her mother, mother’s new boyfriend, and his son Jack spends a Christmas vacation in Cancun. For her they are nothing more than two unbearable strangers in a period she is loathing. Having reached the limit of her patience, Kate leaves the company and flees to new shores. But suddenly, nasty magician Belsnickel (Julian Dennison) appears to destroy Christmas and thus put an end to Christmas forever. Kate and Jack have to prevent that. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch HD quality movieninja movies sitting on your couch at the comfort of your house?