Wrath of Man 2021



118 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.4

In the film, Patrick Hill works at Fortica Security which is an armored truck company. There he meets Bullet who gave him the new name, H. Boy Sweat Dave is one of the colleagues of H there in the company. One day, kidnappers hold Bullet and demanded $2 million. H and his colleague Dave meet the kidnappers and solved the issue. Then, it is followed by a later attack on H’s truck. He comes out of the truck as it is filled with tear gas. Later on, H sleeps with co-worker Dana Curtis and starts inquiring about the private cash stash he found. Dana tells that she has stolen money from a liquor store once. H lets her go and warns of further repercussions if he comes to know that she is hiding some information. Visit movieninja and start watching free Hollywood movies online without an account.