Strange World 2022



102 min


The best mindset for approaching “Strange World,” a low-thrill adventure set in Avalonia, a hidden civilization in the mountains, turns out to be one of apathy. In a dispute with his docile, plant-loving son Searcher, the dashing explorer Jaeger Clade storms out and disappears for 25 years. Jaeger is adamant about taking whatever lies beyond the peaks, but the more perceptive, less brazen Searcher finds something more valuable than just territory: a type of electrically-infused plant known as Pando, which proves to be a miraculous economic boon to his farming community. To power Avalonia’s unique creations, such as funky airships inspired by the sci-fi wonders of Jules Verne, power pellets can be harvested from the fields. Callisto Mal, the president of Avalonia and former exploring partner of Jaeger, asks Searcher to locate and eradicate the contagious plant illness as it spreads within the vital crop. She and Searcher, along with his wife Meridian and their stowaway teenage son Ethan, fly off on a bulbous flying machine to find the plant’s deep underground after learning that all of the Pando in Avalonia can be traced to a single organism. Moviesninja website always brings new 2022 movies for you, its specialty is that you get to watch all the films and series in full HD for free.