Working Man 2020



1h 49min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.9

Download popular movie Working Man 2020 free online. The movie story starts when a factory in a small Rust Belt town closes its doors. An employee of the manufacturing facility, the old Allery can’t reconcile the way to live existence by doing nothing and sitting at the home. As his days pass slowly, Allery begins trudging back to the closed and empty factory. After avoiding all the recommendations and pleas of his loving wife, Iola (Talia Shire), he forms a friendship along with his charismatic neighbor, Walter Brewer, so as to revive the closed factory. They formulate a community and these community rallies around the town. The result of his efforts might be something he never thought possible. Enjoy free movieninja movies online in 1080p HD quality without any Payment.