Wonka 2023


1h 56m


Quality: HD


WONKA tells the tale of a charming chocolatier named Willy Wonka. In his pursuit of opening a chocolate shop at Galleries Gourmet a bustling plaza Willy faces financial hardship. On his first day he exhausts all his money and finds himself with no place to stay. In the freezing cold he prepares to sleep on a bench in the open air. However Bleacher pretending to show compassion intervenes and takes him to Mrs. Scrubbit’s residence. Mrs. Scrubbit offers him a room in her lodge for a fee of one sovereign per night. She kindly allows him to pay her the following day and requests him to sign a contract. Noodle a young girl employed at Scrubbit’s property cautions him to carefully review the contract’s details. Despite his inability to read, Wonka disregards the warning and proceeds to sign the contract. Flixtor offer your preferred films in high definition straight within your web browser.