Women Talking 2022



104 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.8

“Women Talking 2022”, as the title suggests. It’s mostly voices – a weaving of voices in varying arrangements of harmony and dissonance. The quietest and most measured, but also the most passionate and majestic in some ways, is Ona’s. who becomes pregnant. Salomé and Marché, two mothers of young children, provide the contrasting melody of anger. Both men are victims of violence. But they often vent their anger on each other. Two older women, Greta and Agata, offer empathy, perspective, and occasional grandma jokes. However, the essential spark of mischief comes from the younger generation. Which is represented by Liv McNeill, Michelle McLeod, and Kate Hallett. There is also a man in the barn, whose job is to take the minutes off the pedestal. His name is August. And that’s played with appropriate sensitivity by Ben Whishaw. In the book, she is also the raconteur. But Polly has replaced him with a woman whose name just happens to be Pervert. Leaving August as a reminder that not all men are monsters to women. Trapped in the system of every man is the power that enables the demonic. Moviesninja, In addition to a significant collection of all movies. Stream Free Online full HD audio and video Quality.