Violent Night 2022



101 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.1

This film’s recipe openly incorporates elements from several other Christmas movies. Violent Night blends together elements of Bad Santa, Die Hard, and Home Alone with a generous helping of spiked eggnog and Harbour’s gritty charm to create a drink potent enough to make even the most jaded Grinch tolerate the holiday season. In Violent Night, which never takes itself too seriously as Harbour delivers holiday-themed catchphrases while eliminating villains one by one in an increasingly gory manner, laughs are simple to come by. “Santa Claus is coming to town,” his grizzled, bleeding Santa Claus growls into a phone, giving the phrase a completely new weight that deftly balances being humorous and being legitimately menacing. The movie seems to take great pleasure in ramming through action-movie and holiday clichés one after the other, sometimes pointing out their silliness and other times giving them witty twists or embellishments. Watch original English movies and tv series online and on your favorite devices provides on Movieninja Alternative Website.