Troll 2022



101 min


“Troll 2022” Nora abruptly switches off all the lights and begs the Troll to leave as it is locked in place by the UV rays and stops in its tracks. To stop the fire, Kris orders all the men to stop moving. Go to a secure location. He must go back to the mountain, she begs. There is a brief period of peace before the Troll suddenly collapses in a heap when sunlight suddenly seeps in as daybreak approaches. Nora delicately touches the creature just before it totally transforms into stone and watches as the eye closes and the danger is removed. Nora thinks that they should call this place Tobias Boulder after previously resolving her differences with her father. The Troll accidentally destroys the skull, realising it has no family remaining and turns to Nora and Andreas with the intention of holding them accountable. The moment Sigrid is exposed for stealing the system back at HQ, it chases after them. Andreas also resigns from his position with the PM in order to pursue his passion for becoming a writer. “Do you believe there are still more?” in a mountain cave far off?” As Nora beams and the movie concludes, Andreas asks a question. Movieninja Alternative website always brings the 2022 movies for you, Watch free all movies and series in full 1080p HD.