Trigger Point 2021



1h 25min



IMDb: 6.1

Trigger Point is an action thriller movie of 2021 directed by Brad Turner. The movie story happened in New York where an assailant has shot down a lot of people using a silencer. Nicolas Shaw, a retired United States special operative living in hiding for a year after the incident happened. One day, he remembers the time when an unknown perpetrator has tortured him. The unknown guy wants Shaw to reveal his colleague’s names. His team members were killed by the assailant. Earlier, Shaw uses to work for an agency. This time a member from that agency confronted Shaw. After this, he meets his former boss, Elias Kane. His boss told him that his daughter Monica has been kidnapped by a perpetrator whose name is Quinton. Then he moves back to the organization to find the missing daughter of his boss. Users can watch free movies on movieninja movies streaming website.