Triangle of Sadness 2022


147 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.9

This year’s Cannes Film Festival’s top prize went to Triangle of Sadness, another Palm d’Or winner that says more about the state of European political attitudes than it does about art. The film’s recent American premiere at the New York Film Festival confirms this error. Triangle of Sadness is another of writer-director Ruben Stlund’s cynical comedies about social decay. His two Palm d’Or awards place him among a small group of European artists. Scotland’s perspective on the West’s decline is so astute — reporting on characters caught up in the latest political etiquette — that the precision of his disgust borders on the uncanny. Triangle of Sadness’ story about competitive fashion models/social-media influencers Carl and Yaya becomes apocalyptic. They stop bickering and go on an elite cruise with wealthy white Europeans, which is shipwrecked after an orgy of vomiting and a literal flow of excrement. This deliberate resemblance to The Shining’s blood-gushing elevator is an art-movie stunt. It’s also Stlund’s overstated Kubrickian misanthropy, an effete reaction to everything that has gone wrong in the world recently. Ninja Movie website Is the perfect family entertainment streaming Movies and series For Free In HD.