The Swimmers 2022

134 min


Father Ezzat has been coaching Yusra and sister Sara with the goal of developing the two into Olympic-caliber competitors. By 2015, the civil war had so impacted their life that their only choice was to emigrate to Europe. Ezzat finally decides to let the young girls and their wannabe DJ cousin Nizar travel to Berlin at risk after much persuasion. The sisters jump overboard and swim beside a dinghy that is dangerously overloaded as it travels to the Greek island of Lesbos in order to prevent disaster. The most exciting scene in the movie skillfully contrasts the battle to escape danger during the conflict with the sacrificed devotion required to achieve sporting success. Back on land, tense energy is maintained as the stubborn sister’s transit borders in Europe across barbed-wire fences and in the back of vans. After arriving in Germany, the pair is placed in a bustling, noisy refugee center, and attempts to bring the rest of the family over are unsuccessful due to immigration regulations. There is a depressing sense of realism. You are to watch every film and series online for free on the Movieninja site Simply select the movie you wish to stream in HD Quality.