Slumberland 2022


117 min


Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.7

The setup promises an entertaining family spin on Inception, but it ends up being only slightly less convoluted than Christopher Nolan’s hit. Because the problem with Slumberland is that it spends so much time explaining its unique world that it forgets to have fun in it. We do get set pieces in various dreams that have some visual flourishes, such as dancers made of butterflies, but every setting is drowned out by sub-par digital effects. While there’s a story reason for this, it’s disappointing because a film set in an endless world of dreams should be more imaginative. To inject some peril, we’re told – in one of several exposition dumps – that if Nemo dies in another person’s dream, she dies for real. Slumberland never truly thrills because she never feels truly in danger in the obviously fabricated surroundings, chased by a Lost-Esque shadow monster. It doesn’t help that, despite its efforts to create its own world logic, the film occasionally breaks its own rules. You could just not think about it too much and enjoy the ride, but the ride is so bad that your mind will be drawn to the inconsistencies. Watch online All Hollywood movies for free of cost On Movieninja Alternative. This website focus on all the latest movies and tv series in HD Quality.