Puss In Boots The Last Wish 2022


100 min


The aesthetics of the film can be heavily influenced by anime influences. Especially during action sequences, but the vibrant colors and rich textures are a delight. From moss growing in an eerie forest to the glistening silkiness of Puss’s mustache blowing in the wind, “The Last Wish” offers a variety of eye-opening details. And dramatic shadows are often seen in it. And there are subtle dissolves to transition from the past to the present or from one scene to the next. But the film manages to communicate the messages of selflessness and teamwork in a way. Which does not look heavy or attractive. And the stellar voice performances and dazzling visuals are what keep things so engaging. That you don’t need a laser pointer or a catnip-stuffed mouse toy to entertain yourself. The animation would have overwhelmed me a bit. That’s why I would cut a star. But that’s subjective., so I’ll leave that bit for the audience to decide for themselves. For me, when the action is on. So it looks messy and incomplete. But some people may enjoy that style. Movieninja site offers excellent navigation and is easy to use, with a vast movie library. All your streaming services provide on one website.