The Old Way 2023



95 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.4

The Old Way 2023 in this movie But Lucas and director Brett Donough, who don’t trust it as much as they should. Within this material lies a dark and potentially disturbing character study. Also how this kind of darkness spreads. It has a test. But instead of digging into those themes, the film falls back on a series of cliches and the relative safety of its formulaic plot. A prologue shows us Colton as a ne’er-do-well in the prime of his days. Serves as a hired gun for the ruthless chief of a town in Wyoming. With his boss about to hang a man, Colton stops an ambush led by Doom’s brother. only to leave the man who hired him to die of a gunshot wound in the street. While he collects dues from his pocket and boss. He also shoots and kills the person who condemns him him. Just breaks free from the noose when the man tries to avenge his brother. The dead man’s young son leaves to see Colton riding a horse. Twenty years later, Colton is a family man. He runs the shop and lives in a cabin outside town with his wife and their daughter, Brooke. Colton takes his daughter to the city one day. After the cancellation of the girl’s classes, she is allowed to stay at the shop. The two do not get along, mostly because they are similar. Especially with details, and is uncomfortable in any kind of normal social situation. If you want to watch all the Action movies of this year, then you get them in this Movieninja Action category without any hindrance.