The Craft Legacy 2020


1h 37min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 3.6

Online streaming of The Craft Legacy 2020 movie for free in High definition. The movie’s story is about a young girl, Lily. She recently joins a new school where she is badly bullied by her classmates. One day while she is crying in the bathroom, due to another stupid prank. Then Lily is approached and comforted by three other students, Tabby, Frankie, Lourdes, also previously victims of bullies. The girls invite her to spend more and more time together after school, having her participate in a kind of initiation rite to get her into their group. The four young students form, in fact, a coven of witches, who are able to get everything they want. But they will have to deal with their great power, which if used excessively can be fatal. Watch now top-rated horror movie from our latest moviesninja lists without a buffering issue.