The Last of Us S01E01

For a story of this magnitude, it takes a flame to ignite and shine brightly. It required excellent actors to play the roles of Joel and Ellie. In this case, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey happen to be. And it’s a total hit. Pascal’s considerable genius is at full speed within the character of Joel. It brings a natural personal charm. But there is also necessary cruelty. Another win happens to be the casting of Ramsey. When she was revealed as the youngest badass from Bear Island on Game of Thrones, she almost jumped with joy. In this series, she reveals herself completely and thus embodies the dominant qualities. Which includes intelligence, attractiveness, curiosity, and expression of emotions. Bela brings the necessary lightness and seriousness to all her dialogues. And she performs amazingly. If you like this series. So Ramsey and Pascal will be a big part of why it happens. The first series is a reworking of the Lone Wolf and the Cub-type story. And it really shines. Because its lead actors are exactly made for these roles. The best free online movie streaming site is Movieninja. The movies available on this website are free to watch.

Duration: 81 min


TMDb: 9.3