1923 S01E04

In the episode “1923 S01E04” we are told by Banner Whitfield about the supposed death of Jacob Dutton. and believe that Yellowstone Ranches are defenseless. He offers the businessman a share in the Yellowstone Ranch after he has conquered it. In return, Banner demands an army to fight against the Dutts. Whitfield agrees on the condition that he helps Banner. that he would have acquired mining rights on the mountains in the Dutton family’s territory. Banner agrees, and Whitfield funds his army to take down Dutt. Next, Banner and his men steal half of Yellowstone’s cattle at night. Elizabeth’s mother arrives at the ranch to take her girl home. However, Elizabeth insists on marrying Jack. Kara intervenes and leaves the choice to Elizabeth. The young woman decides to stay, accepting the Yellowstone ranch as her new home. Therefore, Elizabeth’s mother is forced to retreat. Zane confronts Jacob about the cattle theft. And he instructs the herdsman with a plan to protect their remaining cattle. He asks Kara to take his place at an upcoming cattle association meeting. Ninja Movies website is easy to use and ad-free, allowing you to watch series and films of your choice within a few clicks.

Duration: 55 min


TMDb: 9.1