1923 S01E03

In this series “1923 S01E03” you will get to see drama. But I happen to romance too. Even the picturesque African outback is accompanied by some very graphic man vs. nature violence accompanied by drifting civilization. It would not surprise me if modern-day animal activists find this explanation of man’s dominance over all natural things to be absurd. Don’t be surprised to see some workers here throwing soup cans and handcuffs to the Paramount lot. A critical review is more likely a rant. How to “brainstorm ideas” leads to wandering. From the Jack-Elizabeth romance to the intimate intimacy of an African safari. It punches you in the face with high stakes with some animal violence and some post-wild western cowboy violence. In fact, weekly I have a love-hate relationship with tall storytelling. There’s a huge variety of freely available movies on the Movieninja site, from comedies and dramas to horror and action films and series.

Duration: 58 min


TMDb: 9.1