1923 S01E01

Anything by Taylor Sheridan is always worth checking out. And he rarely disappoints. “1923” gets off to a grand start with its premiere. As is customary for the works of Sheridan and director Ben Richardson. The show has a strong cast, good screenplay, and gorgeous cinematography. I’m glad they brought back Isabelle May to narrate the story. He would have done a wonderful job in “1883”. And I have no doubt, that she will give another mesmerizing performance. However, the episodes are not perfect. The story would not have immediately drawn me in. It would have gone a long way in introducing new characters. This Taylor Sheridan is a genius. What an amazing, consistent, passionate writer and manufacturer. You really get sucked in. I don’t know what it is but his movies and shows are very attractive. Not as good as 1883. But very close. However, this is one episode that I’m sure could change that. I hope they make 1953 and then 2053, 3083, and so on. I feel happy That shows like this exist in a time where so much nonsense happens. Movieninja is a new ad-free latest movie site that lets users watch tens of unlimited shows.

Duration: 61 min


TMDb: 8.2