Plane 2023

107 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.8

How much fun do you have with the film? So it also has a lot to do with whether points like impossibility bother you. Or characterization, which once again leaves maximum room for stereotyping and stereotyping. It is sometimes so hyperbolic and nonsensical as to be a parody. But it’s amusing. When a small island becomes a virtual theater of war. And really big missiles are fired. So any hint of boredom is bombarded into little pieces. And our hero is always right in the middle. After his disastrous final appearance in the Chase, Gerard Butler showed his star qualities again in the plane. In fact, the hilarious combination of disaster flick and action thriller is the Scottish actor’s best film in years. If you have always wanted to see such a movie. Which reflects the demonstration “worst of the worst”. So the plane is an impressive example. But the longer this part of the film goes on. The more humiliating it becomes. At this point it also becomes clear. That’s why Gerard Butler was hired to play the pilot. Movieninja the site is easy to use, it does sorts movies and series by genre or year of release and watches free HD.