White Noise 2022


136 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.6

Adam Driver and writer-director Noah Baumbach follow up their collaboration on “Marriage Story” with a pretty bizarre Netflix film in “White Noise 2022.” Which happens to be a faithful adaptation of Don DeLillo’s 1985 novel. Which gets lost in translation. Baumbach’s pandemic-inspired venture resonates on that level. But it is played in such a strict manner. That “white noise” becomes very easy to tune. There is a personal quality to the film. Including the inclusion of Baumbach’s partner, Greta Gerwig. who is busy making his mark as a director with the upcoming “Barbie”. In a way, his off-kilter performance is David Lynch-ian in both. What Baumbach wanted to achieve and how it misfires. To feel precious in a way that whatever happens on the screen. It becomes difficult to buy it. A “dad bod” kind of game that doesn’t quite match up with all that social-media thirst. Driver plays college professor Jack Gladney in Hitler Studies. Watch the latest 2022 movies and tv-shows online for free on the high-quality On Movieninja 2022 Category Without any registration required.