Nanny 2022



97 min


Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.1

When it comes to the debut film of writer-director Nikyatu Jusu. So this is one such offering. Which is more often a symbol of the latter than the former. This story follows a Senegalese immigrant nanny who takes care of the young daughter of an affluent New York couple as she searches to start a new life in America. Intruded by a series of strange, sporadic, inexplicable, underdeveloped hallucinations, nightmares, and others. The extent to which Udyam Paranormal Experience in this is one of the most unsuspense thrillers I have screened. Indeed, the film’s attempt at a perceived high level of artistry and sophistication here as a horror offering is largely characterized by glacial pacing, disjointed and extraneous story threads, overly weak and ambiguous imagery, and a largely predictable, Flattened because of the tremendous payoff. It just isn’t worthy of that time and attention. For which it all makes sense. While the picture includes some imaginative cinematography and editing as well as a capable lead performance by Anna Diop. Yet when it comes to a compelling narrative and a powerfully written script. So it is lacking. The Ninja Movies website collects a large number of popular Hollywood films. Without any signup & membership For free In 1080p HD Quality.