My Father’s Dragon 2022


99 min


Quality: HD

IMDb: 6.6

Movies from the Irish production firm Cartoon Saloon are rather simple to fall in love with. The company has created a number of high-caliber movies, like Wolfwalkers and Song of the Sea, with a visual aesthetic that highlights the protagonists’ advancing years while also being cognizant of their very genuine and frequently tragic situations. The potential for this animated film to construct a nuanced narrative soars right off the bat. It’s impossible to not be moved by the tale of Elmer, a youngster who witnesses his mother struggle to raise him and do everything she can to ensure she puts food on the table and a roof over their heads, even if that means constantly being humiliated. The first few minutes of Meg LeFauve’s script do an outstanding job of carefully painting a picture of a mother who wants to protect her son at all costs while also making every effort to keep her frustration with their challenging circumstances from affecting the child. Watch All 2022 Hollywood Movies and Tv Series On Moviesninja website for Free In HD Quality Without any signup.