Poker Face 2022



94 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.2

“Poker Face 2022” In this high-stakes poker drama, played by Russell Crowe, Jake Foley, a tech billionaire, and gambler give his best friends a night they’ll never forget and then chooses to assemble his closest pals for a high-stakes poker game. However, in order to play, they will have to give up the one thing they have spent their entire lives trying to protect—their secrets. The players will learn what the true stakes are as the game progresses. Poker Face’s poker game scene, which is likely its most crucial component, offers almost no build-up, which is also quite frustrating. There is no way for you to know what is happening in each player’s unique storyline, even though you are aware that they all obviously want the cash prize. Therefore, you find yourself not supporting any of them. Stream online In HD Quality All movies for free of cost On Moviesninja website. This site focus on all the latest movies.