Your Christmas or Mine? 2022


95 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4

“Your Christmas or Mine? 2022” in this movie, It is sad that the female lead is blunderingly cast. In which there is no shine. No presence is authentic. And there is zero chemistry with the charismatic male lead. And what was the costume department thinking, poor girl? I have relations with them. Their romance or any relationship is not believed. With such a huge pool of talent to choose from. The rest of the cast spans several generations of the cream of British acting talent. Trying hard to give some energy to a flat and predictable story. But it’s Christmas and it’s a charming way to pass the time. That I would have been pushing for the couple in the center to separate after the first few minutes. Their romantic connection felt as warm and fuzzy as a cold turkey. Moviesninja site is a free website to showcase all your favorite English films and TV series.