Christmas Bloody Christmas 2022



86 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.2

In the movie “Christmas Bloody Christmas 2022,” it is never stated clearly. Why is this electronic Father Christmas so intent on killing Tori and Robbie? When of course there are plenty of other people to attack, but you get the point. That writer-director Joe Begos wasn’t that interested in motivations and logic. Sadly, this makes the film less engaging. But it must be admitted that Dandy excels in the role of the main final girl. Which shows real comic chops in the initial run. and screams in terror like a victor in the later stages. If she stops doing Christmas movies, she could go a long way. It also has a fun lighting design. Which looks as if the whole set is illuminated only by different colors of fairy lights. Movies io website is a free site to showcase all your favorite Hollywood films and TV shows. You do not need to signup for an account here.