Bones And All 2022


131 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.3

The film BONES AND ALL, which was directed by Luca Guadagnino and is based on the same-named book by Camille DeAngelis, introduces viewers to Maren, whose life is in turmoil because of her compulsive need to devour human flesh. Maren runs across Lee, a man who shares her taboo compulsion, while she travels throughout the United States looking for her estranged mother. Can these two, who are driven to kill and cannibalise, learn to live with their appetites and advance into a less horrifying future? This book-based horror romance is an unnerving yet oddly beautiful cinematic experience that lingers, turning passionate, delicate, horrifying, and positively nauseous. Dramas about “young murderers on the run” and love stories about the undead are probably familiar to many viewers, but both of those subgenres tend to downplay the violence in favour of wistful looks and delicate kisses. Watch original Hollywood films and tv series online and on your favorite devices provides on Movieninja Website.