Awake 2021



96 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 4.8

Awake is an action and drama Hollywood movie which is directed by Mark Raso. The movie is packed with the actors are Gina Rodriguez, Ariana Greenblatt, Lucius Hoyos who gave their best to their roles. The movie story is basically following three characters Jill and his daughter Matilda, son Noah. In the movie, Noah is working in the medical research facility as a security guard but for more earning to get a better life, she stealing pills from here and selling them. One day when they all are in the car and driven somewhere an accident occurs when a lightning wave hits them. They all are good with some minor injuries but that wave effect all over the world where everyone lost his sleeping ability. But the surprise is there is that Matilda is not affected by this and now everyone is behind him. All researchers want to examine them to check out how she is not affected and the thrill of the movie starts from there. Watch more free Hollywood movies on moviesninja streaming site.