Avatar The Way of Water 2022



192 min


Quality: HD

IMDb: 8.2

Avatar: The Way of Water debuted thirteen years after the first, Oscar-winning science fiction and fantasy adventure. The dystopian story begins a decade later on Pandora, home of the Navi, blue-skinned humanoids standing over nine feet tall who were besieged by humans looking for livable worlds off of a dying Earth. In the past, US Marine Jake Sully rose to fame as the hero of Pandora, guiding the planet’s inhabitants to victory as they overcame the Resources Development Administration, who had intended to colonize the planet. Sully, his spouse Neytiri, and their four kids now live contentedly among the Forest People in their avatar after being ingrained into the Navi. When the colonizers return to Pandora, there will be a danger since Colonel Miles Quaritch will be in charge of the mission and will be looking to exact revenge on Sully for killing him. You are to watch every Hollywood film and Tv series online for free on the Movieninja Alternative website Simply select the movie you wish to stream in 1080p HD Quality.