Rogue Agent 2022


115 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 6.4

The truth is often stranger than fiction, so the true story of British con man Robert Freegard is ripe for film adaptation. There have been documentaries made about him, but I’ve never seen any of them, and I chose not to research him until after. In fact, I wish they hadn’t promoted the fact that James Norton’s character is a con man. Still, it was fascinating—and terrifying—to see how a seemingly ordinary man could fool so many people for so long. Beginning in the early 1990s, while working as a bartender in Shropshire, he convinced three college students that he was an MI-5 agent on a recruiting mission. He used the fear tactic of an IRA threat, preying on people’s paranoia. He forced those students to leave everything behind and threatened to take their money once he gained their trust. The film then fast-forwards to about a decade later, when Freegard is now working as a luxury car salesman, preying on unsuspecting wealthy women. Movieninja Alternative site always brings new movies for you, its specialty is that you get to watch all the movies in full HD for free.