100 Wolf 2020


85 min


Quality: HD


IMDb: 5.6

Directly watch free HD Movie 100% Wolf 2020 online. 13-year-old guy Freddie Lupine grew up in a family with a rich history and traditions. They are werewolves. The night is approaching when Freddy first turns into a wolf. But instead of the joy of growing up, the guy feels indescribable despair. After all, he did not turn into any wolf but became a neat well-groomed poodle with pink wool. In such a ridiculous way, Freddy gets into a dog shelter. Of course, you have to run. Already a suitable company was found. But by chance, the guy finds out the circumstances in which his father died. In addition, secret enemies want to destroy his entire family. It’s time to prove that Freddy is a real wolf, although it looks like a soft toy. Check out fresh movieninja 2020 films without paying rental or subscription fees.